Looking for ideas for self-care that make it easier to take care of yourself?

I’m with you! There’s only so much time in each day, so when you can save time in one area, you’re gifting yourself more time elsewhere. (Right?!?)

In this post, I’m sharing my favorite daily routine hack that not only saves me time but also feels super chic.

For years, it seemed that I’ve developed a huge stash of supplements. Each morning and night, I’d have to haul out tons of bottles and remember what to take when. With the hopes of reducing the amount, I talked to my doctor and she said she wouldn’t change a thing. (gasp)

Getting Creative to Simplify Self-Care

What I needed to do was organize my supplements them and not feel like such an old lady every day,

I looked at different pill boxes online. There were itty-bitty daily enameled ones and those plastic ones with little flip-up lids. Neither felt big enough to fit all the darn supplements I’m taking. Plus, they were just kind of lame.

So I found a solution after a bunch of research. Little 1 oz aluminum tins! They’re made for lip gloss or salves, but are truly perfect for supplements. Plus, by getting them in two different colors (rose gold and black), I don’t have to label them as a.m. or p.m.

After I take my supplements, I put the empty tin into little tote bag (a freebie from Thrive Causemetics, to be exact) and I’m ready for the next refill session.

Every two weeks, I take tote bag with the empty tins and lay them all out on the bathroom counter. I have 14 of each color tin, so that makes a two week supply. Then, it only takes about 10 minutes to refill them with the correct morning and nightime supplements.

Another cool perk? When you go on trips, all you have to do is take a set of tins for each day you’re gone. No more lugging all of your supplement bottles with you on a trip. No more rattling suitcases full of pills!

Where to Find the Tins

Amazon is a great source for these kinds of tins. After testing a few sizes and companies, I found that the LIYAR 1 oz / 30 g aluminum tins worked the best for me.

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